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Strong authentication, made easy. Connect Mobile SDK enables strong, multi-factor authentication while improving the user experience within your mobile app.

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What will you get with the SDK?

  • Transparent, Multi-factor Device Authentication, frictionless user experience
  • Simplified login through a simple passcode
  • Ready for migration to Hardware Secure Element (Hardware SE)

Strength & Convenience

Connect SDK provides extremely strong authentication while streamlining and simplifying your users’ mobile experience within your existing fully branded app.

Simple, Transparent Activation

There’s no need for the user to download a seed file or snap a QR code. All key provisioning happens automatically and transparently for the user, in the background.

QuickCode – Tamper- Resistant PIN

QuickCode is a secure multi-device PIN – synchronized across all of the user’s enrolled devices. By storing keys in the cloud, the QuickCode is protected from rooting and other device attacks.

100% Cloud for Easy Integration

A few API calls within your mobile application and your back end system is all it takes to get connected, protect your service and provide easier access for your users. Integration effort is measured in days of work, not months. As with all solutions, there are no appliances, HSMs or key stores to manage. manages all of this in the cloud.

Ready for Hardware-Based Security

With the Connect SDK, your solution is ready to take advantage of the hardware-based security that is coming to mobile devices. DNA is at the heart of the Connect SDK. Housed in a virtual Secure Element (vSE), the system uses the same design principles and cryptographic techniques as used in Secure Elements and chip cards, providing a near equivalent level of security as hardware-based SEs. DNA is already embedded as a hardware solution for Intel IPT-enabled laptops, and the list of hardware-ready devices is growing.

Ready to get started?

Download our SDKs and check out the Getting Started Guide and API docs to start enabling strong, multi-factor authentication to your mobile and web applications.

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